My Journey

Tough Mudder, here I come!! (oh boy lol)

Ok, so for those of you who have not heard of Tough Mudder, just look at the website:

Here is a link to the training they suggest as well.

I am doing it.  As I am saying that, I am asking myself why and already getting scared.

I have been reading the reviews and although people say its amazing, they also say that it broke them like no other event they have participated in.  Its not a race.  There is no prize.  Its all about tested your mental and physical to the limit.  Im all in. 

It will definitley be a personal victory of sorts as I will have to train hard and stay focused to get ready for this for sure!

Wish me luck!


ps – if you want to join my team (which my son started), let me know and i will send you the info!


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