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Using Body Bars to develop a Sexy Fit Body

Body Bar exercises are ideal for gaining strength, increasing stamina and reducing fat. The Body Bar is about four feet long, and available in a range of weights starting at 3 lbs. going all the way to 36 lbs. It is has a cushioning of rubber, which also gives the steel bar a good grip.

Most people will find Body Bars to be very easy to handle, as they have consistent weight throughout their length, and there are no weights hanging at the ends, as in barbells. This provides good stability, and the bar is versatile enough to include in your cardio, stretching, core building, and martial arts workouts. Body Bar prices range from about $30 to $120, depending on the weight of the bar. These bars are exceptionally durable, and will last for years.

It is easy to use Body Bars to replace barbells in your workouts as they are easy to manage alone without a spotter or any kind of assistance.  It is also much easier to switch between different weights throughout your workout as you do not have to slide on and off different weighted plates.  This saves time and energy.

IF you decide to incorporate Body Bars into your workout regime, you will need to ensure you purchase the correct weight for your fitness level.  The weight will depend on the type of Body Bar workout you are doing. A heavy weight works best for developing core strength, and increasing muscle mass. A medium to light weight is recommended for stretching, and fat burning workouts, which require many repetitions. For men, a nine pounder would be good for starting on Body Bar exercises. I have found that it is better to have at least three Body Bars, which are heavy, medium, and light as per your lifting capacity, so that you can use them accordingly in different workouts.

The Body Bar website recommends the following weights depending on the level of fitness:

Beginner: 3 & 6 lb. Body Bars

Intermediate: 9 & 12 lb. Body Bars

Intermediate to Advanced: 15 & 18 lb. Body Bars

Advanced: 24, 30 & 36 lb. Body Bars

If you are not sure what weight to purchase even with these guidelines, you can always visit a local fitness store to try them out and see how they feel for various exercises.  This way you will not guess and be disappointed by either weights that are too light or too heavy for you.

In the end, Body Bars are a great addition to any home gym or personal fitness equipment collection.  You can train every muscle in your body with them and they will help keep workouts interesting and challenging.  For examples of workouts with Body Bars, check out our videos here.

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