Transformations and Testimonials

Jackie B – Muse Fitness Student


I became a member of Elisabeth’s Studio in September of 2008 just after my 48th birthday. I was out of shape, over-weight and miserable. I had arthritis and there were days when it hurt to walk up stairs.

The first month I started off with 2 morning classes a week but by the end of the month I was hooked on Elisabeth’s Pole fit classes. By the end of November I was taking 5 classes a week and starting to feel really good. I lost 12 pounds and my arthritis was completely gone! Elisabeth was so supportive and motivating and the classes were so much fun that I literally changed my work schedule to attend.

I participated in one of her goal setting seminars, which allowed my to track my fitness level as well as track my body measurements from shoulder to ankles. My goals were to lose 15 more pounds and I wanted Elisabeth’s arms!

Elisabeth helped me with a lean down menu plan, gave me advice on what to work and I kept a 4 day work-out schedule. I lost a total of 25 pounds by May and can proudly say I have the arms that I have always wanted. More importantly, are the inches I have lost. 5 from my chest, 5 from my waist, 4 from my hips!

It has been almost a year and a half since I joined the classes and my life has changed. I am happier, stronger and 30 pounds lighter. Thanks Elisabeth…..I don’t know how to thank-you.

Judy P – Muse Fitness Student

Thanks to Elisabeth! OK,, it was not easy, and it took doing exactly what Elisabeth told me to do, but in one month I accomplished something I have never been able to since I had a baby 20 years ago! I have lost those dreaded 15 lbs! and in such a short time. 15 lbs and 9.5 inches less of me and I feel marvelous. I tried Weight Watchers, LA Weight Loss, personal trainers at chain gyms, all of it, but the personal program by Elisabeth geared exactly for me, my fitness level and age did it! I have been a member of Muse Fitness for 6 months and last month asked Elisabeth for her help as I was going on a cruise and wanted to reach my goal, and I did! Again, Thank you Elisabeth!


I’ve been coming on and off to Elisabeth’s studio for well over 5 years. Her classes and the atmosphere that she creates are what keep me coming back. The classes are amazing; they are easy to follow and at the same time challenge me in a way which I wouldn’t get at a regular gym. I find the atmosphere is very welcoming and non-judgmental. Pole Fit and Tush n’ Abs have got to be my favorite classes and would recommend those to anyone looking to try out a class. Keep up the great work Elisabeth! Dorothy.


Truly a way to have fun while getting fit. I think this is so unique. Studio and people make it a fun place to get fit at

Sara P.

Elisabeth is an awesome instructor. She is continually pushing you to be better than you were, and every week you surprise yourself with what you can accomplish (especially because a week or two ago it seemed impossible). I have only been taking classes for a few months and I already can’t believe how my strength has grown, and I have nothing but excitement for how I will continue to grow and improve. I can honestly say that pole fitness has challenged me in ways no other exercise class has been able to, and Elisabeth makes it fun to keep you coming back. Sara P.

Carla Cirelli

I admit that my journey to a healthier me involved a lot of “kicking and screaming”. I was introduced to Elisabeth by my sister who raved about the classes. I attended my first class last October and have since lost weight and inches and gained muscle tone and confidence. The Transformation Challenge has been a great motivator and I can’t wait to see my results in another 14 weeks. The classes are challenging, the music is amazing and Elisabeth’s commitment and innovative teaching style has surpassed all of my expectations. Thanks teacher.

Ligia Fernandes

Back in the fall, I moved to Milton and was looking for a dance studio. I had quit smoking earlier that year (1 year to date), and as a result gained 15 lbs. During my search I came across Elisabeth, and signed up for 1 week of classes including Pole Dancing, Athletic Training and Tush and Abs. I quickly became addicted to the rush of the classes. They were not only challenging but also fun; haven’t heard some of the “House” tunes in a long time. Once my twin sister joined and results became noticeable, I knew that the classes had become an essential part of my life. The Transformation Challenge took me to the next level. I am excited to continue on this journey to a healthier and fitter me. Thank you Elisabeth for showing me that hard work really pays off.

Sonia Hall

I came back to Elisabeth’s studio after being off for the summer to pursue mountain biking and other outdoor sports. I was also nursing an injured shoulder and couldn’t take any pole classes that I love so much.When I started back in October, I learned of the Transformations Challenge and thought it would be good to set goals and motivate me.

My goals were to loose about 8 pounds, tone up and loose body fat. I attended Tush N Abs classes and Cycle Fit classes at the studio and did some running and core work from home. Having other members and instructors talk about the challenge and just being with the group motivated me to push myself. It was good to have Cycle Fit Friday evenings because Andrea would remind us about the challenge and give us extra pushes to make up for any holiday goodies we may get into over the weekend. I signed up and received some personal training from Elisabeth. This really ramped up my exercise and gave me different ways to challenge my body along the way.

The tips and encouragement Elisabeth sent out, such as writing a food/ exercise journal and tips for eating during the holidays were a bonus and gave a friendly reminder about the challenge and not to give up. For me being motivated to exercise isn’t hard, it’s the nutrition that is more of a challenge. I love to eat. I learned what types of foods are healthier than others, about portion control and that eating good is a life-style change. I also learned to think more about me and not worry about hurting other people’s feelings by not eating their home-baked goodies or other food they bring to work. (well mostly). When I did eat something not so healthy, I tried not to dwell on it too much and move forward to do better the next day. It did get a bit easier as time went by.

  • Lauren Smith •

    I miss your Milton locations! Wish you were closer to the KW area again. Miss your classes dearly <3

  • Dawn •

    If  you haven’t taking a class with Elisabeth, you are truly missing out. She is a wonderful instructor/trainer, who is supportive, extremely knowledgeable and is always available to answer my exercise or diet question . Not only do I attend her classes, but I’ve also joined her bootcamp and it is FANTASTIC. I’ve never worked out so hard in my life. The bootcamp is for all fitness levels and ages. Not to mention the group of women in there are friendly and supportive which is really a nice feeling.  Each class is different, pushes you to your limit but is also a lot of fun and has you wanting more when the hour is over. I know, sounds hard to believe right?, but the lady is just that good. Keep up the great job Elisabeth and thank you so much for being there and helping me achieve my fitness goal.


    JW •

    This is my first time in one of Elisabeth’s bootcamps and I am working hard but I’m also enjoying the feeling of accomplishment at the end of every class! I find I have a lot more energy than I’ve had in years! I will definitely sign up again. Elisabeth makes every class interesting, so its never boring!

  • Nicky •

    Elisabeth’s classes are incredible.   They are motivational and keep me wanting to improve my fitness levels.  I’ve worked out for years and get tired of the same routines and excercises,  but finally I’ve found something that is challenging as well as being refreshingly different! I’m addicted!


    Judy2 •

    I have been doing Elisabeths’ classes on and off for years.  The off is my fault, schedules etc, but when I go to her classes I feel great.  They are challenging, really make you stronger – after one month of bootcamp I can do regular pushups and burpees again!  Elisabeth is so supportive if you have any type of diet questions as well.  I have been to so many gyms, had so many instructors, none are as inspiring or helpful as Elisabeth.  Thank you Elisabeth!

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