Studio FAQ’s

Q: How fit do I have to be to join the classes or workshops?

A: We are open to students of all fitness levels, all shapes, and all sizes!  We do not expect everyone to be super-fit after just one class. Our instructors do a certain amount of customization to accommodate individual fitness levels, as most students have never even touched a pole before coming to our class! Our classes are known for the quality of instruction, quality of content and the challenging physical workouts. You WILL get a workout, and you WILL become more fit over time!


Q: What background do the majority of students have?

A: Most students start out as beginners and some are repeat students. Some students have dance experience while others have absolutely none.  Students range in age from 18 to 65 years old, and come from all walks of life.

Our fitness classes are meant to be for all fitness levels from beginner to athlete.  Classes are designed so that modifications are offered for all fitness levels to allow for variances to to keep you challenged as you become stronger and confident.


Q: What are the class sizes?

A: Pole dance classes are one person per pole.  Fitness classes can vary in size, but never more than 11 people.  We keep class sizes small to allow for more individual attention.


Q: Are the moves in the workshops extremely difficult to master?

A: We don’t expect you to master all the moves but we do expect you to have fun. Try not to compare yourself to other people in the class. Each person is unique and everyone goes through different learning curves. Advancement in classes is up to each individual. As you progress, you can move on in your own time, or stay at a level where you feel comfortable. There is no pressure.

Each person may also have a different focus on what they want to get out of the class. Some students may just want to learn basic, sexy moves that they can show off to their partners and friends. Others may want to learn the more acrobatic aspects of the pole and push themselves to go beyond their comfort level.  Many students want to get a sexy workout because they’re bored with current workout routines.  Most people generally want multiple benefits from class.  And EVERYONE wants to learn something new!  During even the basic programs, you will find that you and your fellow classmates experience an amazing transformation.  Watch as your self-confidence grows while you learn some interesting (and practical) new dance skills!

Students begin to master the fundamentals of most of the moves by the end of the program. Having the motivation to learn and the patience to practice and perfect allows the student to learn moves very quickly.  As instructors, we are sometimes surprised at how quickly our students pick-up on the movements and techniques!


Q: What will I learn during a Muse Pole dance program?

A: Our programs combine the exotic pole dancing and sensual floor work previously only seen in Gentleman’s Clubs with the grace and style of Ballet, Belly-Dancing, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Latin, and Modern Dance.  This combination of dance styles is then fused with the fitness components of Aerobics, Martials Arts, Pilates, and Yoga modified to suit the art of pole dancing to create a truly unique form of exercise that focuses on fun and enjoyment!

The various movements and techniques used throughout the programs will combine strength conditioning, core exercises, and sexy dance moves into a total body workout. The classes are organized into structured workouts complete with a cardio striptease warm-up, a combination of muscle conditioning, strength training, and resistance training, and a cool-down with stretching and floor work with blankets. We strive to set a comfortable, non-threatening environment where you will have fun getting a phenomenal workout at the same time. We accommodate all fitness levels by customizing the moves according to each individual.

The pole classes, programs, and workshops are structured and progressive: each class developing new movement and techniques while building upon the fundamentals taught during the instruction of the previous class; each program building upon the skills learned from the previous program.


Q: What should I wear?

A: You may go barefoot or wear dance, foot undeez or ballet slippers in the studio for pole dance classes. Socks will be too slippery on the hardwood floor. Wear shorts and a tank or t shirt for pole dance. Do NOT wear any jewelry – bracelets, rings, necklaces, watches as they can scratch the poles and cause injury.

Make sure that your hands are free of oil or lotion. Avoid wearing lotion on your legs if you’re wearing shorts, as you will not be able to stick to the pole during some of the suspension holds and poses.

For fitness classes, we are barefoot as well – if you have foot issues, you may wear indoor runners only.

Please wear clothing you feel comfortable working out in.


Q: What should I bring to class?

A: Please bring a yoga mat (we do provide a few in studio, but for hygienic reasons it is recommended to bring your own), water and a towel for sweat.  You may want to bring your own towel for pole class as well to wipe your pole down again for hygiene reasons.

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