Digital Download FAQ

Q. Where can I play these videos?
A. The videos are distributed as chaptered mv4 files. They should be able to play on any computer as well as most mobile phones, tablets, game consoles and modern TV’s/BluRay player which support digital media.

Q. What is a chaptered video?
A. Chaptered videos are video files that you can control similarly to DVDs. This means that you have a menu which allows you to jump to certain points in the video. For example, if you wanted to watch a specific move, rather than seeking/fast forwarding to that point in the video you would simply choose the name of the move from the chapter menu and the video will jump directly to that point. 

Q. Do I need any special software to play the videos?
A. Most people should already have the necessary software on their computers. Windows users using Windows 7 or greater will be able to play the videos automatically. For users using older versions of Windows (or for anyone having problems playing the file automatically) the VLC video player is included in the download package, installing this program will allow you to play the video. Also, if you have iTunes installed you will be able to watch the video using iTunes. Apple users have Quicktime and iTunes installed by default so the video will play using whichever one of those programs you prefer.

Q. Do the videos have copy protection (DRM)?
A. No, the videos have no copy protection (DRM). You can freely transfer them to whichever devices you choose as much as you want.



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