6 Week Inside Out Fitness Challenge

What is included?

This challenge is perfect for summer and those who want to stay or get in shape while enjoying the outdoors too!

✓ In app, group coaching and support from fitness expert and competition champion, Elisabeth Magalhaes

✓ Brand new exclusive Fitness Transformation Challenge private app community with Elisabeth

✓  3 day a week workouts for at home or gym with instructional videos for each exercise along with 3 day a week workouts to do outdoors

✓ Choose from a macro plan or a recipe plan

✓ 6 week guidance and support in the private app community

✓ Set up zoom meeting July 4 – 8 pm


Starts July 8th and ends August 19th, 2024

Registration opens June 14 and closes July 1 or when full

Transform you body, transform your relationship with food, transform your life!


Training is equally physical and mental. You’ll have sessions 6 times a week. When we say cardio we mean steady state so not running endlessly on a treadmill. That will actually diminish your results. You’ll be shown each workout, with instructional videos to stimulate muscles and fire up your metabolism.

You will have two different meal plans presented.  A carb cycling plan and a macro plan.  I am here to help you decide which plan is best for your specific goals and will help you fine tune your plan to get started and along the way.

In our private group, I will be continually checking in to answer questions, to be there to cheer you on and provide endless support throughout the full 6 weeks of the challenge.



ONLY $149 for the macro plan or $179 for the recipe plan !

What do I get again?

✓ Weekly coaching with fitness expert and competition champion, Elisabeth Magalhaes

✓ Brand new exclusive Fitness Transformation Challenge private app community with Elisabeth

✓  Workouts for at home or the gym with instructional videos for each exercise as well as outdoor workouts

✓ 6 week guidance and support in the private Muse Fitness ap

For Community +Coach support



I was more than a little uncertain about challenging myself to 8 weeks of being accountable, and if you asked me when I started where I’d end up, I’d have just told you I don’t think I can live without dessert every day! Motivation. Discipline. Consistency. All things I have struggled with, and likely always will.

We hear many times in life about how certain paths are about the journey, not the destination, and this challenge – this was all about the journey for me. Did I stumble? Yes. Did I give up? No. Not once. I realized that the choices I’d been making with my diet weren’t healthy, I wasn’t fueling my body properly for the way I wanted it to move or for the strength I wanted to develop. I didn’t push myself, always falling back on that I was tired, or “I’ll do it tomorrow”. This challenge wasn’t a mountain in front of me, with a summit to ascend to – it was a step, every day, towards becoming a healthier person. I didn’t envision a number on a scale, or a measuring tape – I just wanted to see the mental and emotional resilience I’d cultivated translate to physical strength I’d always lacked. I realized I’d been making choices (and excuses) and had not been treating myself with the care and compassion I so needed in order to progress out of the stagnation I’d been living in.

I am so incredibly grateful to Elisabeth for creating this program, and for teaching me about how hard it isn’t to just show up, take a step every day, and work hard for that best version of myself. The knowledge and guidance she offered has honestly changed my life and diet in a way that I’d never imagined. I truly believe anyone could do this – the workouts gave me upper body strength I’ve never had, and the steady macro diet was simple enough that I didn’t turn into a sugar dragon!

If you’re reading this and aren’t sure, like I was, and doubt yourself, like I did, I offer you this: sign up. Take the first step. Then keep taking the steps, every day, to get where you want to be. And when you get there, keep going. You have so much potential, and you deserve to see where that potential can take you


Part of the reason I joined the challenge was because I knew I didn’t have good eating habits – I was constantly skipping meals – through the meal planning portion of the challenge I discovered how bad my eating habits actually were. My caloric intake on a regular basis was that of which most people try to eat when they are dieting. Growing up I was taught that calories were the enemy, that you always wanted to be burning more calories than you consumed. Nobody ever told the dangers of not consuming enough calories. That not getting enough could make it hard for you to lose weight and in some cases even make you gain weight! Elisabeth was so supportive and encouraging when I asked to do a meal plan that addressed this problem rather than one of the ones she prescribed. Doing the challenge, I’ve relearned the importance eating three, balanced meals a day, learned to better portion my meals and making sure I get more protein than carbs and fats in each meal. I’ve toned up, losing some of my squish and while it wasn’t necessarily my goal, I also lost weight, which was really helpful to proving to my food anxious brain that I didn’t have to starve myself to have the body I wanted. Above all, I’ve gotten stronger both mentally and physically. I’ve learned to love my body again, not for just how it looks but for what it can do. There are still some days where I don’t get enough to eat or sometimes still miss a meal, on those days I try to be patient with myself and remember that an 8-week challenge will not fix 18 years of bad habits. I know that there is much more work to be done before I ever truly conquer my food anxieties/insecurities, doing the challenge was a step in the right direction.  I’m excited to take all the tools I learned and incorporate them into a well-balanced lifestyle. Thanks, Leesa!


I recommend this great program with wonderful and personalized support. It’s a community that is positive, supporting and empowering.

At the beginning of the workouts, I absolutely dreaded lunges, did everything I could to avoid them and now I actually look forward to them from the amount of strength and stability I have achieved from the workouts. The routines were fantastic, really worked the muscles and built a sweat!! I noticed so much muscle tone development, strength, and stability in myself!  

To be quite honest, there were a couple of weeks near the end of the challenge that were emotionally draining and I didn’t fully commit to the challenge. I was really struggling so I reached out to Leesa. She took the time to listen and encourage me that I can do this and reminded me why I wanted to do this challenge. She got me right back on track.

It was my first time with counting macros and it was a little overwhelming, but Leesa took the time to speak one on one with me to help me figure out my personalized eating plans and answer any and all of my questions throughout the challenge. I definitely noticed a difference with not bloating as much after I eat. I’m so grateful to Leesa for being a big part of my fitness journey. She is dedicated and passionate to help people with their fitness and health goals and it shows through her own determination and hard work. This really has lit a fire under me to continue with my workouts and seeing more progress!


I’m so glad to have joined this challenge. Before I didn’t know how to meal plan. I found the macro meal plan flexible enough for my picky food choices and also super nutritional. I learned how to make healthier choices and find alternatives (especially for snacking). Elisabeth was supportive throughout the process and offered food suggestions alongside workout tips. I feel stronger in both body and mindset.