Beginner/Intermediate Pole Dance Instructional Video – $20 (download only)

In this DVD Elisabeth will guide you through over 25 Beginner and Intermediate Pole Dance moves as well as a complete conditioning segment.  Beginning with a comprehensive introduction, safety tips and a warm up, this DVD will cover every area needed to give you a great start to your pole dance workouts.  You will also find a full routine including spins and transitions learned in the moves section of this DVD.

Moves List

Walk Around Pole, 180 Degree Spin to Bend Over, 180 Degree Spin to Slide, Knee Pivot and Peel Up, Leg Swing and Peel Up, 360 Degree Spin, Double Spin, Basic Knees Together Spin, Basic X Ankle spin, Closed Front hook, Front Hook swing, Reverse hook – basic and power, Chair Spin, Ballerina Spin, Heel Sttitude – to 360 spin, Diamond spin, ½ stradle – 1/2 split& full split, Fan kick -to dip, Reverse Attitude, Reverse Grab, Reverse Grab to Diamond, Climb, Climb to Seat, Seat and Spin Down Dismount, Seat and Diamond Slide Dismount, Seat and Split Dismount, Helicopter, Basic Inversion and Slide, Basic Hands Free Inversion with Crawl & Slide Dismount, Basic Hands Free Inversion with Somersault Dismount, Basic Hands Free Inversion with Handstand Dismount