Over the years, more and more group training options have popped up in gyms, training facilities and even in parks.  There are many benefits to training in groups so it’s no surprise that people are jumping on this trend.

One of these benefits is motivation. Many people find that having others around them doing the same exercises can help them work harder than if they were training alone or one on one with a personal trainer. I personally see how much harder individuals work when in a group. For example, when I train a client one on one, I try my best to push them to their limits; however, because there is no one else there to compare themselves to (in terms of intensity or effort), their idea of how hard they are working can be skewed. That same client, when working in a small group, tends to push even harder than when they are alone because they see others working harder. Psychologically, people usually want to keep up with others around them. It seems to be a natural desire to compete and win.

I also find that in small groups, motivation can come from the support and encouragement of others. Often times, when one person seems to be losing steam, others in the group will shout words of encouragement to help that person push to the end. There is an energy that a group of people create that cannot be replicated when one is alone or with a trainer.

Another benefit is cost. It can be very expensive to train one on one with a personal trainer. Group training offers a cheaper alternative. If the group is not too big, you can still get most of the benefits you would get working one on one in this type of session, and save some money too!

One of the drawbacks with group training would be the reduced attention to proper form and technique. In a group setting, it is hard for a trainer to keep a constant eye on each participant at all times to ensure everyone is doing exercises correctly. If you are absolutely new to working out, working one on one with a trainer to learn basic exercises and proper form is the best way to start before jumping into a group training session.

All in all, group training or bootcamps can be a great way to get in shape and keep you motivated and excited for your workouts. Google group training or bootcamps in your area and give it a try. It might be just what you need to get you working to your potential!